Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday: "Best of Portland" Walking Tour 1: Pioneer Courthouse Square

Since I arrived here a day early (due to MEI's being closed this week), I decided to take a walking tour of the downtown area. When I went to the Convention Center to register and pick up my TESOL bag and program book, I ran into Jose Antonio da Silva, a webhead/EVO friend whom I had never met f2f before, and we decided to take the tout together. The weather is yucky (cold and rainy), but it's going to be like this all week, so I donned my fleece jacket under my raincoat, pulled on those boots I am now so glad I brought, and took my umbrella. JA and I took the MAX (light rail) to Pioneer Courthouse Square to meet our tour guide, Amber.
Native Portlanders don't carry umbrellas;
this one was sculpted by John Seward Johnson II in 1983 and is called Allow Me.

JA and Allow Me, aka Umbrella Man

Pioneer Courthouse, the MAX train and the Square

The dragon is brought out on stormy days. Lucky me.

How far is it to....?

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