Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Best of Portland" Walking Tour 4: Benson Bubblers and the Smallest Park in the World

Another view of the Portland Building. It was designed by Michael Graves.

Our little tour group, walking in the rain.

Amber explains how businessman Simon Benson donated ten of these fountains to the city in an effort to decrease the amount of beer consumed by workers on their lunch breaks. 

The Promised Land, in Chapman Square (formerly a park restricted to women only) depicts a pioneer family 

Mill Ends Park, aka the smallest park in the world

A closeup of Mill Ends Park

After all that walking, we went to lunch at the Bangkok Palace on SW Taylor Street.
The food was good except that the rice was cold.

Then back to the Red Lion to rest and recoup before this afternoon's opening plenary.


  1. This reinforces what I heard--a lovely city. I'll have to try to go there when it's not raining;-)

  2. Are you sure it stops? Actually I've heard that it doesn't rain in the summer time. Today, the skies are blue (with clouds), but it still keeps raining off and on. Weird!