Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday was a long day!

Finding the Electronic Village was a challenge. I felt like I walked about 10 city blocks in the Convention Center, following signs for "Portland Ballroom 158," but it seemed to vanish. I finally discovered it down a carpetless corridor that looks like it should be off-limits to convention-goers. As always, I found webheads and other old friends there. I attended a couple of Technology Fair presentations, visited the Exhibit Hall to see my friends Karen Taylor and Shirley Thompson at The Color Vowel Chart booth, and returned to the EV for my stint as a greeter, which involved standing at the entrance to the dank corridor leading to the EV and assuring people that yes, that was really where it was located; and then standing outside the EV being friendly to all who came by and answering their questions about the EV: "What is going on in there?" (Two Mini-Workshops) "Why is the door locked?" (It's a ticketed event with limited seating, unlike most of our offerings.) "I'm presenting at a Technology Fair tomorrow. Can I just see the set-up?" (Sure.) "Where is the Technology Showcase?" )Just down the hall in PB157.) etc.

A view of the Oregon Convention Center from the Red Lion.
You can see the MAX light rail on its way to the airport. So convenient!

Webheads Claudio Fleury, Rick Rosenberg, and Carla Arena at the EV

Webheads Evelyn Izquierdo and Carla Arena with me at the EV

Webhead Women: Carla, Evelyn, Elizabeth Hanson-Smith, Jane Petring, and me

Elizabeth Hanson-Smith and Deborah Healy present during the Technology Fair.
"Shaping the Way We Teach: The MOOC Version"

Me with Anne Hernandez, moderator of the EVO session "Wonderful Words: Vocabulary Matters"

The EV: a Technology Fair in full swing

The Color Vowel Chart's booth in the Exhibit Hall
Shirley Thompson and former MEI teacher Bill Little

Me with Jennifer Lebedev, aka JenniferESL

Official EV Greeter

Me with EVO mod Miguel Mendoza
("Podcasting for the ESL-EFL Classroom")

After 4 hours standing outside the EVO,
anyone could kiss a cow!

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