Friday, March 28, 2014

Thursday Not Over Yet: CALL-IS Open Meeting and Dinner at Kells Irish Pub

When I returned to the Convention Center for the CALL-IS Open Meeting at 6:45, the sky was beautiful:

The Max train to the Airport was there, reminding me how easy it will be Saturday evening to get there. This is definitely my favorite convention city from the point of view of ease of getting to and from the airport!

The CALL-IS meeting was being webcast, so I sat in and watched and then actually assisted Abe Reshad in interpreting the goings-on to one lone listener in the Philippines, who could hear what people said into the microphone but not audience comments. After that I felt somewhat less anxious about my role as webcast assist, and then webcast lead, at two Saturday afternoon sessions.

I gave a very brief report about this year's EVO: over 4,000 registered participants in the 18 sessions, 98 moderators/co-moderators, 43 guest speakers, 113 countries on 5 continents, 12 TESOL IS sponsors and 3 IATEFL SIG sponsors. This was well-received. :-)

Afterwards a bunch of us, webheads and non-webheads, had dinner at Kells Irish Pub just across the river. A pub would not have been my first choice, but I was happy with my glass of water and veggie wrap while others indulged in wine and beer (Portland being famous for its beers).
Vance Stevens

Nicky Hockly (IATEFL rep) and Chris Sauer
After dinner, some walked back, and Elizabeth, John Madden, a friend of Jane's, and I took the MAX; but since we had to wait in the cold for about half an hour, we might as well have walked. :-(

Off to a Tech Showcase session on "Plagiarism and CALL" with Dawn Bikowski, Chris Hitchcock and Christine Sabieh.

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