Saturday, March 29, 2014

Friday Night

I was pretty tired after all that but this being the TESOL Convention, I marshaled my energy and went out to dinner with Jane Petring. We took the streetcar to a neighborhood called the Pearl and met Carla Arena and a bunch of her colleagues from Casa Thomas Jefferson at the Bridgeport BrewPub. (Again, I managed to eat healthy except for the pot de creme I had for dessert.)(Yum) The food was great (I'm told the wine and beer were, too) and the company fantastic.

Maria and Ana

Nina and Jane

Maria, Ana, and Carla

Courtney, Isabela, and Katia
Afterwards we waited a long time for the streetcar in the cold damp night until we discovered that the last one had already passed. Four people managed to find a taxi, leaving Jane, Carla, and me. We finally started walking, and eventually found a cab ourselves. I got back to the room about midnight (again)--awake this morning before 6 and up by 7. 

I packed and had some breakfast, used the hotel computer to check in and print out my boarding passes (I change planes in Chicago) then went over to the tech showcase to observe the webcasting setup. Back here now (10:30) to check out. I will leave my bags at the desk and pick them up later. The plan is to meet Daniela and Diego (and Jane?) for dinner before we head to the airport. Our flight to Chicago leaves at 11:15.

Another TESOL Convention almost over. Thanks for reading my blog!


  1. Hi Nina!
    Thanks for keeping me connected with such great posts and lovely photos! :-)
    Safe traveling back home.
    Hugs Teresa

    1. Dear Tere,
      Being so close to Seattle where we met for the first time was bittersweet. These lovely f2f meetups will end for me in a couple of years also when I retire. It's been grand, though.