Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Best of Portland" Walking Tour 3: The Oregon Historical Society

(3/30/14) Actually, I think I made a mistake and this was Portland'5 Centers for the Arts. If you know, please correct me!
The Oregon Historical Society dome 

OHS lobby is a modern Globe Theater

Thrilled to be sitting for a few minutes

This weird statue was a gift from Mexico. You can see only the top part here.

"Mucus Man" -- a Kwakiutl fool (if you look carefully, you can see how he got his name) 

"Monkey King" -- a Chinese fool

Star on the sidewalk in front of the OHS

Richard Haas' 8-story mural commemorating the Lewis & Clark expedition. Besides Lewis and Clark, it depicts Sacagawea, York, and the dog Seaman (next to the OHS) (maybe this is where the OHS actually is?? I don't remember.)

Church across the street from the OHS

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